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Together instead of against each other.

Our society works best as a team. That's why we like to work with our network of competent partners.

Thanks to the dismantling and sorting of the most diverse types of waste by our Lebenshilfe employees, we are able to accept and process the majority of the types of waste generated by our customers and market them independently.

Permissions and certifications from our recycling partners

  • First treatment according to ElektroG
  • Approved electrical recycling systems according to the Federal Immission Control Act
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system according to ISO 14001
  • disposal companies
  • Permissions to accept all types of waste codes for electronic equipment
Symbolgrafik Netzwerk


We are also happy to support clubs and institutions outside of our business area. We are sponsors of the local VFL Oker e.V. and the EC Hannover Indians.

VFL Oker e. V.

From the beginning we have supported the VFL Oker, with which we are closely linked through the table tennis department.

Both me and our eldest son have been playing table tennis for years and so we are happy when we can make our contribution.

Logo des VFL Oker e.V.
Grafik zur Vorstellung der B-Waste als Partner der EC Hannover Indians

EC Hannover Indians

Since the beginning of 2023 there has been a partnership with the EC Hannover Indians, with whom we have had a close connection for decades.

The ice hockey club plays in the Oberliga Nord (3rd division) in front of crowded stands. We are also regular viewers - both on site and via the streaming service.

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